Quelle: Düsseldorf Tourismus GmbH, Fotograf U. Otte

Düsseldorf and Kaiserswerth

In our immediate vicinity of the city's Kaiserswerth (5 minutes) is. 
This is one of the most beautiful historic neighborhoods of Duesseldorf. 

Often Kaiserswerth is described as a romantic oasis on the Rhine with various interesting offers cultural and culinary art. 
You can shop here in exclusive boutiques and specialty shops. For your dining pleasure in Kaiserswerth is also well catered for. You can dine here from the middle-class brewery cuisine to one of the most well-known gourmet cuisine.

Düsseldorf is an exclusive metropolis on the Rhine with a unique flair and charm.

Kaiserswerth is a historic town on the Rhine with many interesting sights and tours. such asfor example the Imperial Palace, the Suitbertus Basilica, Kalkumer castle or a walk through the Rhine Meadows are within Walking distance.

International trade fairs and congresses
High-profile events
Galleries, museums, fashion and art exhibitions
Opera, concerts, and theater
Old Town - "the longest bar in the world" - with numerous pubs, restaurants, bistros and bars 
International and fine dining
Sophisticated and unique nightlife

Quelle: Düsseldorf Tourismus GmbH, Fotograf U. Otte

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